The objective here is to create a simple Leader Facebook page. In a collaborative manner, your group is to discuss your leader. Using our leadership theories and concepts (especially from ch. 12, but feel free to use other chapters, too), create a wiki page that will enable the rest of the class to understand a little bit about your leader(s). This will not only help you become more familiar with the leadership concepts, but it will help reinforce leadership concepts for your classmates. Be sure to use a variety of leadership classifications in your examination (e.g., traits, behavioral theories, contingency theories, etc.). Consider and discuss whether the strategies used by your leader(s) is/are effective? Be sure to explain why or why not. Provide us with some interesting anecdotes (stories) and other creative information to help us get a good feel for your leaders. Your fellow classmates will be reviewing and commenting on your pages! To begin, click on the tab on the left for your leader(s).
NOTE: If done well enough, you should be able to use much of this as actual content for the Business Leader paper you turn in on November 25th!!

Click Here to Access the Business Leader Project Outline--> //business leader analysis information sheet.doc//