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Basic Information

Networks: Chicago, Illinois
Walt Disney Company
Academy of the Fine Arts '20

Sex: Male
Birthday: December 5, 1901
Relationship Status: Married to Lillian Bounds (No Network)
Interested in: Women
Looking for: Hardworking Employees

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Picture_17.pngPersonal Information

Activities: I love drawing and painting. In fact, I used to sell my works of art as a kid. I also followed my love of trains into working for the railroad. I used to sell newspapers, popcorn, and soda to passengers Picture_12.pngPicture_14.pngand use the money I collected to buy parts for train sets to build. I was also involved in the town plays and productions. Don't tell my dad though, he didn't know I snuck out every night to perform in them. That played a big role in why I went overseas to help with the war cause. I was able to drive my own ambulance. Not too grandiose, but I was able to pass much of the time waiting by covering my own ambulance with all of my new creations and designs. When I got back from France, I spent time in Kansas City enhancing my Alice Comedies. They involve a young girl living in both the real world and a fantasy dream world. They are fun to make, and some companies in Hollywood were interested in them. My brother Roy and I were able to get a place together out there, and with the help of our Uncle Robert, Blank_Space.pngwe have been able to start producing them. After being in a rough financial situation for a number of years, these productions finally paid dividends. They also led me to meet the woman of my dreams, Lillian Bounds. I quickly asked her to marry me. She kept me happy and I was able to have the most successful and innovative period of my life. I was inspired to create Mickey Mouse. He has been my most successful cartoon to date. I even featured him in the first ever synchronized audio and visual feature titled Steamboat Willie. I knew this success would be just a taste of things to come.

Interests: I am interested in motivating my employees to produce quality work. Under Kurt Lewin’s behavioral theory of leadership, I would consider myself a democratic leader. I am interested in collaborative work teams. However, I find it helpful to have rules and expectations for my employees. I also enjoy seeing my dream become a reality.

Favorite Movies: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Pinocchio

Favorite Quotations: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Me
“If you can dream it, you can do it.” ~Me

About Me: According to the Ohio State University behavioral theory of leadership, there are two different types of leader behaviors. They include initiating structure and consideration. Since these two styles are independent of each other, I would say that I am low on initiating structure and high on consideration. I am not overly concerned with structure so long as the finished product is something to take pride in. However, I care about my employees and I hope that they are constantly inspired to do their best.

I also tend to be more employee oriented in regards to the University of Michigan study on leadership behaviors. By focusing on the needs of my workers, I feel I have developed a sense of trust with them. I would rather guide and encourage my employees to seek creativity rather than emphasize rules and procedure.

I am a team manager according to the leadership grid. I have a high level when it comes to concern for results as well as a high level under concern
for people. I like quality work and I am not afraid to start from scratch if I feel a project is not good enough. At the same time, I also have concern for the needs of my employees. If an employee is not performing well, I reassign them to another project rather than fire them. I would rather spend time finding a perfect fit for my employees instead of letting them go.

I also consider myself to be a transformational leader because I like to inspire and excite my employees to do their best. I once had a cartoonist who came to me ready to quit. I started sharing with him my vision for Jimmy Cricket and he got so excited that he forgot what it was he was going to tell me in the first place.

Contact Information

Email Address: Waltdisney501@yahoo.com
Website: Time Top 100 ; Walt's Vault

Education and Work

College: Academy of the Fine Arts '20
High School: McKinley High School '18
Employer: Self-employed (Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio/Walt Disney Company)
Position: Leader
Time Period: 1923-1966
I took my true love of drawing and began creating animated shorts. This eventually turned into the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio when I joined forces with my brother, Roy, to make the company better. The company began to grow and by the time Snow White was finished we had 750 employees.

y dream finally became a reality when I opened Disneyland in California. I am very particular about everything. My employees can tell you how much I pay attention to details. I always make sure the office is kept clean and everything is in its correct place. I walk around Disneyland and leave notes for my cast members so they know what I want done.

I like to think I lead my employees democratically. I have good relationships with the people I work with and everyone is on a first name basis in the office. I check in with them often, but let them work independently. I like to have rules that keep them moving along on their projects but allow them to do what they want to get the end result I need. I tolerate almost anything, but laziness, dishonesty and a negative attitude are things I cannot stand. I am very employee oriented because I go to extremes to make sure they have what they need to be successful. For example, I bought ballet tickets for one of my anima
tors working on Fantasia so he could better understand a scene he was working on, turns out he actually like ballet now! I also do things outside of work with my employees like play polo with them after work. My strong emphasis on the relationship between my workers and myself, in addition to my high concern for results makes me a team manager.

I am truly living my dream. I get to do what I love everyday, and my employees share that passion.

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