Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III


Personal Information

Born :

  • November 19th, 1938

Birthplace :


Education :

  • McCallie School in Chattanooga Tennessee
  • Brown University

Spouses :

  • Judy Nye (divorced)
  • Jane Shirley Smith (divorced)
  • Jane Fonda (divorced)

Children :

  • Laura Lee Turner (mother - Judy Nye)
  • Robert Edward Turner (mother - Judy Nye)
  • Rhet Turner (mother - Jane Smith)
  • Beau Turner (mother - Jane Smith)
  • Jennie Turner (mother - Jane Smith)

Ownership :

  • WTBS
  • CNN
  • MGM/UA
  • TNT
  • Turner Entertainment
  • Turner Foundation
  • AOL Time Warner

Background Information
Since the early 1970's, Ted Turner has stepped into the international spotlight with one accomplishment after another. Whether in billboard advertisement, cable television, sports team ownership, sailing, environmental initiatives or philanthropy – Turner's vision, determination, generosity, and forthrightness have consistently given the world reason to take notice.
Turner now dedicates his time and resources to making the world a better, safer place for future generations. His current philanthropic interests include: the Turner Foundation, the United Nations Foundation, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the Captain Planet Foundation, and the Turner Endangered Species Fund.
In addition, he remains actively involved in business with the rapidly expanding Ted’s Montana Grill restaurant chain.

Leadership StyleCrazy_Ted.jpgTed Turner has a charismatic leadership style. He inspires his people to follow him through his business sense, strategy, and his overall desire to move forward and take no prisoners. An example of this is his passion for the environment. He is taking the environmental problems head on, by donating millions of dollars to grassroots environmental organizations. He has also founded the Ted Turner Endangered species foundation. However, he is not just throwing money at the problem; he also does his part to help the environment by driving a Ford Taurus. Turner also uses environmentally friendly practices on his ranches. Some of these practices include water resource management, reforestation, and the reintroduction of native species to the land. These are just a few examples of his tenacity and style of leading by example. For full details on his earth friendly practices, go to

According to the descriptions of managers and leaders put forth by our book, Ted Turner is most assuredly a leader. He is a nonconformist leader who thinks of original ideas and looks to the future. Considered a Maverick in the business world, Tuner regularly extends his business into areas in which he has no expertise. His businesses range from cable companies, ownership of sports franchises, ranching, and restaurant chains. He has a very active leadership style, which can be judged from a plaque on his desk that states “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” This is an example of an autocratic style of leadership. Turner Back to Entrepreneurial Ways

In 2006, Turner won the Bower Award given to the person that has exemplified great leadership

Interview With Ted Turner

Interesting Facts about Ted
• He did not finish college
• He was the owner of WCW (World Championship Wrestling)
• He’s a scorpio
• Raised in Savannah, Georgia
• Nick names are “Captain Outrageous” (during his America's Cup days) and “The Mouth of the South”
• His trade mark is Licensing classic black-and-white movies to colorize them (the process is sometimes referred to as "Turnerizing", frequently in a derogatory context)
• His father committed suicide in 1959 leaving Ted his billboard business Turner Advertising which later emerged CNN(Cable News Network), TCM (Turner Classic Movies), and TNT (Turner Network Television)
• He is the largest private landowner in the United States with about 1.75 million acres in New Mexico, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. His ranch empire, based in Montana, raises bison.
• Once stated on 'Larry King Live' that he regretted fathering more than one child, due to his belief that the world is overpopulated
• Received an honorary doctorate from Trinity College in 2001
• Inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame in 2004
• Created the children's cartoon show "Captain Planet" as a way to educate kids about the negative effects of pollution. Turner was angered for so long about the effect the population had on the Earth, so he created the TV show hoping to let the next generation be more aware of the problems that people cause
• Former owner of the MLB's Atlanta Braves, NHL's Atlanta Thrashers & NBA's Atlanta Hawks. They are now owned by Time Warner.

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