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  • Born January 29, 1954
  • Moved from Mississippi to Milwaukee
  • Radio broadcast career, Nashville, age 19
    • Youngest African American woman to anchor news in TN
  • 1984 (Chicago) hosted AM Chicago Talk Show (later renamed "Oprah Winfrey Show")
  • 1988 Received International Radio and Television Society's "Broadcaster of the year" Award.
  • 1988 Harpo Productions Inc. (thrid woman to own a studio)
  • First African American woman to become a BILLIONAIRE

  • Established self as most powerful female leader in the world
  • Created a controversial Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa costing 40 million dollars
  • 2008 Election Million Voter March
    • Endorsed Obama
    • Refused to interview candidates on her show during the campaigns
    • Does not want her show to be a political platform
  • She is a leader NOT a manager
    • Declined offers to sit on corporate boards by
      • AT&T
      • Ralph Lauren
      • Intel
    • Business?
    • She can also be considered a servant leader for her awareness of social issues and her commitment to the growth of people
  • Motivates people through empowerment
    • Called a "spiritual icon" by Christianity Today
    • Charismatic leader, adds enthusiasm to difficult issues
      • Shares personal stories/hardships to motivate others to share
        • Raped at age 9 (2x) Personal Story
          • Cousin and a famly friend Juvenile detention at age 13
  • In order to lead, there must be people to lead....
    • Oprah has created a massive followership through charisma
      • Major publishers count on Oprah's book club to boost sales during the year as much as they look forward to new books
      • The host was very straightforward about her thoughts on the book: "I am not pretending that this forum, this television show, doesn't sell books," Oprah said. "That's what we do, you know? We promote people's books. I don't want to be in the position to promote this book because I, too, think it's despicable.... I'm all for it being published, but I personally wouldn't want to be in a position to encourage people to buy this book." - Entertainment Weekly (quote from her show when speaking about a new cotroversial book by O.J. Simpson entitled "If I Did It"
    • Oprah's "Big Give" show is a new way to look at goodness and miraculous philosophies
      • Game show where people win a ton of money but must give it all away
    • Not all leaders are without skepticism: Bill Keller on FOX News calls her a dangerous woman
Danger through compassion?
  • Oprah's Ambition and Trait Theory
    • She was ambitious from a very young age and it is interesting to consider if she was born with certain innate qualities
      • Ex. She could read at age two and insisted on being put in the first grade when she started school, skipping kindergarten
        • Determination was present from the very start of her life. Was she born with it?
  • The "X" Factor: Dreams
    • Some could also argue that Oprah's tough childhood gave her the incentive to succeed
    • From a young age, she wanted to be like Barbara Walters
    • She was not afraid to set her sights high
      • She is quoted as saying "God can dream a bigger dream than you can dream yourself"
        • This quote tells a great deal about how Oprah lives her life. Nothing is out of reach with the proper mindsight and deterimination.
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Oprah has gone from a local newswoman to an icon that even a superstar like Tom Cruise can adore