Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
(In case you've been living under a rock for the past 22 years, watch this video to learn a little bit more about these infamous twins!)

As business leaders, M-K and A run Dualstar
Entertainment Group, LLC:


Dualstar Entertainment Group LLC is the holding company for the entertainment and retail assets of twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
The Olsen twins, yes those Olsen twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate, are the co-founders and chief product of Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC. From their early days sharing the role of the toddler on Full House, to their recent exploits as celebrity party gals, the duo has become the face of, and the force behind, a media empire. Dualstar Entertainment Group produces theatrical films, television, books, home videos, CDs, and software, all starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen through the mary-kateandashley brand. In addition, the firm sells beauty products, clothing, furnishings, and school supplies aimed at young girls around the world. Dualstar's Wal-Mart wear for tweens and teens alone generates millions in sales.

As business leaders, M-K and A also created The Row and Elizabeth and James:

Mary-Kate and Ashley launched The Row in 2007, a clothing line that emphasizes who they are becoming as adults- in contrast to the two cute twins the world has known for so long. Launched shortly after The Row,
Elizabeth and James is the Olsen Twins' latest clothing line. It was created in addition to The Row, for people who want designer clothes, but do not want to pay a designer price. "We wanted it to be based on a relationship between a young girl and a boy and tell the story through the clothing.", said one of the girls on their inspiration.

As business leaders, M-K and A embody the following characteristics as discussed in class:

Leader VS ManagerA leader is an advocate for change and new approaches to problems, while a manager is an advocate for stability and the status quo. Clearly, Mary-Kate nd Ashley are leaders. The twins inspire imagination and embrace change. They have offered a fresh image with their product lines. They aren't afraid to step into risky territory. Along with this, Ashley also uniquely displays some qualities of a manager. She is one of the main decision makers of The Row, and has gone so far as to fire Mary-Kate from the company for not following with Ashley's visions for the company.
Formal Leadership & Autocratic Style
Formal leadership is officially sanctioned leadership based on the authority of a formal position. Ashley is co-president of Dualstar Entertainment Group. As co-president, Ashley guides and directs business decisions. She strives to be a respected businesswoman. By using strong controlling actions, such as firing Mary-Kate, and by reinforcing rules and activities within the company, Ashley has proven she has an autocratic leadership style as well.

Informal Leadership & Laissez-Faire Style
Mary-Kate's leadership style is much more informal than Ashley's leadership style, on the other hand. Mary-Kate uses influence to guide and direct others' behaviors within the organization. By not taking on the full responsibilities that Ashley has taken, Mary-Kate has proven to have a laissez-faire leadership style. Mary-Kate does not clearly define her goals, responsibilities, and expected outcomes for the company. This attitude has lead to interpersonal conflict within the organization.
Both Mary-Kate and Ashley are immensely charismatic as leaders. Each of their personal abilities and talents have had a profound effect on their followers. Their charisma has been winning over millions of Americans since they were six months old - and these followers have helped build the Olsen Twins' empire.

To view first-hand some of the personality differences between the Olsen twins, as used to make inferences about each girl as a leader, please view the above videos. Each twin interviewed seperatly on the David Letterman Show earlier this year. Mary-Kate can be viewed on the left and appears much more carefree, while Ashley is on the right and demonstrates a much higher level of professionalism.