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Jack Rooney joined U.S. Cellular as president and CEO in April 2000. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Rooney implemented a new business model to create change and innovation throughout US Cellular. The introduction of the “Dynamic Organization” strategy applied simple concepts to a strategic business model. This theory would essentially motivate effective leaders to create satisfied associates, who in turn deliver outstanding customer service that produces profitable business results. The love generated in the workplace is then transferred into the hearts of US Cellular customers around the globe. On a daily basis, US Cellular lives by their slogan to...
“Spread the Love.”

Business Model
Business Model


Jack Rooney’s leadership style can be classified as a democratic leader. He is also a prime example of the leader-member exchange theory in which U.S. Cellular employees are the in-group. When developing the “Dynamic Organization” model, he knew this vision required a new leadership model – a culture of teamwork among all employees. He begins this teamwork vision by referring to employees as “associates” and on a first name basis. Associates feel part of the organization because they are able to make decisions. Phone service representatives are able to send Mr. Rooney comments and questions anytime. This is known as “Listen Jack” email. This is a stunning example of Jack Rooney’s commitment to participative management and procedural justice at US Cellular. There is also a Culture Survey Readout done annually by associates in order for there to be a collaborative decision on what is done in the work place. This sense of teamwork, in-group, and participative management of course leads to satisfaction among the associates.

In terms of the Fiedler’s Contingency Theory, Jack Rooney is a relationship oriented leader. ORGB, by Nelson and Quick states that trust is the most essential element in leadership. Jack Rooney strongly complies. He states, "Being a leader isn't solely about making the tough calls, taking the risks, and coming through with the cold, hard results. Granted, I've had my share of those kinds of experiences. But the experiences I treasure have come because the people I work with trust me to make the right decisions for the company, and for them.”

U.S. Cellular is not only known for associate satisfaction, they have also earned a great deal of recognition for their customer satisfaction. ORGB states that employees who work closer with their boss have a better understanding of what the boss' expectations are. Because associates have trust and a close relationship with Mr. Rooney, they understand his stern care for the customers. Therefore, they too show stern care for the customers, resulting in U.S. Cellular having one the highest customer satisfaction rates in the wireless industry.

Customer satisfaction was not only Jack Rooney's way of showing care for the people, he also planned to use it as an effecitve strategy for competition and high profits. According the leadership grid,Mr. Rooney is therefore a team based manager (9, 9). He is concerned for people like his employees and customers. However, he is also concerned with how the associate and customer satisfaction can lead to productivity.

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